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  • The duration you will need will depend on the site we pick you up from, driving distances, ceremony and photography times and locations. Usually we suggest 4-6 hours per function. This seems to be fairly standard. This includes pick up, transfer to the ceremony (where we wait for you during the service), photography sessions both before, at the venue, and afterward can also be budgeted for in the duration required. We will then drop you off at the reception. If required, we can wait and take either both or one vehicle from the reception to maybe the overnight accommodation , airport or wherever you require.

  • We suggest very close cooperation between yourself, ourselves, photographers, service providers e.g. church and/or civil ceremonies, receptions venues, airport departures etc etc. Without this close coordination of all service providers things tend to become very unruly and can be very prolonged and expensive.

  • Both our vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance and third party liability insurance and both have green slips. You are covered under these as well (with Shannon’s Insurance).

  • Our drivers have full licences, will arrive on time, be professional, dressed appropriately, know where they are going and most importantly will endeavour to make your special occasion a fun, relaxed and truly remarkable experience for both you and all of your guests.

  • One overriding requirement for all guests that we service is that they both respect our beautiful vehicles and treat them properly at all times. For example: smoking or drinking is not allowed in either vehicle at any time.  Importantly, with respect to our Kombi the only person allowed to open and close the passenger cargo doors at any time is the driver of the Kombi.  This is non-negotiable.

  • We reserve the right to terminate our service provision on the spot with no correspondence entered into if there is a breach of the above etiquette/conditions of hire.

  • Our Kombi is Australian built and Right Hand Drive. Our Mustang, while Left Hand Drive, still allows all passengers, as does our Kombi, to disembark safely onto the footpath and not out into oncoming traffic on the road.

  • If you are considering classic cars for your special occasion we recommend that you personally inspect all vehicles that you are considering. The standard of classic cars can vary considerably in this industry. All classic vehicles are not restored to the same standard as you will nd at Vintage Promotions. You should go and have a look at them and arrange a viewing.
  • Vintage Promotions will arrange a viewing time with you at Breakfast Point in Sydney (near Concord). This can be arranged by calling us on our advertised mobile telephone number on our website.